Vaccum Filters

vacuum cleaner on the floor showing house cleaning concept

Why is vacuum cleaner efficiency important?

The increase in the number of asthma cases has heightened our awareness of how indoor air quality affects our general health. Asthma is one of our nation's most common chronic health conditions. Many substances can aggravate allergies or increase the severity of asthma symptoms in individuals who are sensitive to these allergens or irritants. Vacuum cleaners can remove many of these irritating particles from the air.

How does a vacuum cleaner help clean the air?

The filtration efficiency of a vacuum cleaner may significantly affect airborne dust and allergens in indoor air. To prevent these minute particles containing allergens from being re-circulated into the air, a vacuum cleaner's filtration system must be very efficient at trapping small particles. To really get a carpet clean, pass the vacuum cleaner over the target area as many as eight times. 

How are Allergens Reduced?

These filters collect 99.7 percent of all particles at 0.3 microns (a human hair is 60 to 80 microns).  It is recommended that a filter be replaced after every thorough cleaning of your home.  This would usually mean once per week.